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The Birth Action Coalition believes the birth journey is an essential expression of human dignity that requires informed and empowered partnerships between women, families and health-care providers. Through projects that educate and advocate, The Birth Action Coalition will work to create supportive birth environments in our communities.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BAC Website Under Construction

If you have tried to visit our website recently you will see that it is down. We are aware of this and it is part of a transition to a more useful online resource. 

Please check this blog for the latest info on BAC. 

We plan to have the new site up within the next month. 

If you would like to help BAC with it's new website (we are asking for volunteers at this time), please contact Kimberly Rivers: kimberly.rivers@gmail.com
cell: 805-727-1393

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Gentle Birth Saves the Earth, Robin Lim

Here is a recent TED talk given by midwife Robin Lim. This Friday, June 10, 2011 BAC is hosting a screening of Guerrilla Midwife following Lim into the trenches in Indonesia working with birthing women. See details about the screening here: www.birthactioncoalition.org

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Guerrilla Midwife" Screening, June 10

Spread the word. Friday, June 10. 7pm. at The WAV, 175 S. Ventura Avenue, Ventura.
See our website for details. 

Here's the trailer:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

BAC at Summerfest 2011

Yesterday BAC was at Summerfest. This event took place at the Ventura Unified School District property on Stanley off of Ventura Avenue. There were many vendors, a bike rodeo, activities and fun for all. BAC's Marketing Chair, Tasha Cleaveland coordinated a wonderful booth with an obstacle course. Here are a few pics. 

 These shirts are gifts with your minimum donation, See details HERE

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How You Can Help

I’ll get right to the point. BAC needs your help. Some of you may be aware that I recently resigned from BAC’s Board of Directors and yet here I am asking you to help. Well yes. Because in case you didn’t notice I’m still here. I felt this subtle shift will allow me to be involved in a different way, and a way that I can enjoy more. It’s tough when you feel so passionate about an issue, have lots of great ideas and limited time and resources. It’s hard to get an organization moving the way you think it should and at the same time working on the stated mission of that organization. I have learned something very important, I can only do what I can do, and that is enough. I still hold the position of Programs Chair, spokesperson, oversee our website design (new design is coming along slowly but surely), Coordinate the Red Tent Gallery and help in any other way that I can. I will continue in those roles as long as the Board will have me and I am able.

BAC has been very blessed to have a small core of dedicated women and a few men who keep coming back event after event. But we need new folks to help support our core group. I have been involved now since 2008. Whew. Time flies and it’s easy to get burned out. I’ve learned not to attach myself too closely to my ideas, and to endeavor to let others take off on their own ideas when they match with our goals and vision and create the brand that we are striving for. While organizations always need money, we need volunteers even more right now. We need event coordinators, writers, vendor liaisons, public outreach volunteers, graphic designers, membership coordinator, internet wiz, and oh yes, Board members. Board members need to be passionate about working for respect and dignity for ALL birthing women and be willing and able to attend four (quarterly) meetings a year. That’s essentially it with a few other odds and ends. We do want folks who have participated in BAC events and can represent the organization out in the community in a positive and professional way.  If you are interested in being nominated for the Board please get involved in an upcoming event and contact our current president Summer Sivas (summer.sivas@gmail.com) or call her 805-453-2968. If you have any questions feel free to email me as well Kimberly.rivers@gmail.com.

I have been very honored to have represented BAC in the community and look forward to our upcoming events and ongoing work. Focuses in the coming months and year are building membership, community outreach, and building bridges with local hospitals. If you want to help, step up and speak out for birthing women.

In Gratitude,
Kimberly Rivers

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BAC Spokesperson Editorial in the Star

"Why Are Midwives Being Targeted?"
By BAC Spokesperson Kimberly Rivers

Here is an short excerpt, and please read the full story at: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/apr/25/rivers-why-are-midwives-being-targeted/

Why are midwives being targeted?
Certified nurse midwives were notified that beginning Monday of this week they would be allowed back to St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo following a ban that lasted over a year. Being allowed back is good for them, the women they serve and the hospital.
Unfortunately, the press as a whole continues to miss the point. Midwives are being targeted; rights of birthing women are being restricted.
The hospital continues to hide behind the claim of "patient safety" in the decision to remove certified nurse midwives (CNMs), and yet it has failed to present evidence showing that the care women receive from CNMs is less safe than care provided by the obstetricians who continued to attend births and perform cesareans at Pleasant Valley Hospital. I suggest that such evidence does not exist.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Save the Date: June 10 Movie Screening "Guerrilla Midwife"

BAC in partnership with Baby International Film Festival is proud to host a benefit screening of the documentary film
"Guerrilla Midwife"

"Healing the Earth, 

one baby at a time"
~ Robin Lim

Click the image below to see a trailer of the film

When: Friday, June 10, 2011 
*Reception and ticket sales begin at 7:00pm*
Movie starts at 8:00pm
Discussion following the film with Mary Jackson LM and 
Tracy Lough (midwife intern at birth center)
175 S. Ventura Avenue, Ventura, CA  93001
Why: This event will benefit BAC & Bumi Sehat Foundation, providing gentle birth services
for families, direct aid & training of midwives in Indonesia
Film Synopsis: Guerrilla Midwife follows Ibu Robin Lim into the trenches of her work.  From Bali, where hemorrhage after childbirth is the leading cause of death, into the Tsunami disaster zone in Aceh, where her battle is fought with only one weapon, love.  In this culturally mesmerizing, heart wrenching documentary, you will discover why we must reinvent our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth in order to preserve our Planet’s Humanity.
Deja Bernhardt, the film’s director says “This six year project  took me from the rituals of Bali to the places where people washed up after the Tsunami, without their souls.  It took me to Santa Barbara, to sit beside the very midwife whose hands welcomed me gently into the world, and to Italy where one midwife was honored as a warrior for peace.  My prayer is that Guerrilla Midwife may be seen by enough people to tip the balance of our planet toward a lasting peace, where we all wish to arrive home.”
Who: BAC is seeking interested sponsors and vendors to participate in this benefit event and reception prior to the screening. For more information call the event chair:
Summer Sivas 805-453-2968 or email summer.sivas@gmail.com